How to schedule a communication

Draft communications can be scheduled to send now (in the next 10 minutes) or at a later date/time.

  1. In the BackOffice, click on the Campaigns menu, select Campaign Management
  2. Doubleclick the campaign for the communication you wish to send, and click Communications in the sidebar
  3. Double click the communication you wish to send to open the Communication Details section. If you have not created a communication yet, see how to create email communications or how to create text message communications
  4. Click the Schedule Sending button and set your sending date and time
  5. Once you have successfully scheduled your communication, its status will change from Draft to Scheduled

Note: There will be a time delay to send email and text message communications.  Not all of them will be delivered at the same time. After all the emails and text messages have been sent,  the Communication status will change to Sent