How to create text message (SMS) communications

Send SMS text messages right to your loyalty members’ mobile phones.

Note: before creating a text message communication, will need to create a campaign. See how to create a campaign for step-by-step instructions

  1. In the BackOffice, click on the Campaigns menu, select Campaign Management
  2. Select the campaign under which you want to create an email communication
  3. Click Communications in the sidebar, and click Add Text Message
  4. Enter a name, sender name, and message

Note: In the text message content, you can see the number of characters you have entered and the number of SMS. It’s important to note that French characters use 2 characters in a text message.

  • If you offer a bilingual program, in English and French, select the Default Language in which members will receive the text message if they haven’t set the language on their profile
  1. Click Send a Test Message to preview the text message before saving. Note: you will not be able to save a communication until you send a test message
  2. Once you are happy with the communication, click Save. It is now ready for sending or scheduling. The text message communication will appear as a draft in the Communications section of the sidebar