How to process a sale

This article covers how to process a sale with talech.

To process a sale, complete the following:

1. Sign into talech Register.

2. Enter the total amount of cash that you have in your register.

3. Tap Open Shift.

4. To add an item to the sale, do any of the following:

    • Tap a category and product.
    • Scan the barcode of a product.
    • Search for a product with the search bar and tap the product.

Note: You can remove an item by swiping it to the left and tapping DELETE.

5. Tap Pay.

6. Tap the payment type that corresponds to the customer’s payment method.

7. Tap Start Payment.

Note: If the customer is paying with a debit or credit card, they will complete their portion of the transaction.

8. Tap Email, Print, or Skip to choose what to do with the receipt.

    • If you choose Email and didn’t select a customer previously, enter the customer’s email address.