How to process a non-reference refund

This article covers how to process a non-reference refund with a Poynt Smart Terminal.

Note: Only accounts with Owner user permissions can perform a non-reference refund. For information on how to edit user permissions, refer to How to edit user account permissions.

To refund a transaction that does not exist on the Poynt Smart Terminal itself, complete the following:

1. Tap Terminal from the home screen.

2. Select NON-REF REFUND from the drop down menu.

Note: The customer needs to enter their card information on the customer-facing screen. The customer can choose to print a receipt.

3. Enter the refund amount and tap REFUND.

4. Do one of the following based on the type of payment:

    • If the refund is in cash, tap CASH.
    • If the refund is to a debit or credit card, tap CREDIT and select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.

5. Tap the HOME button to return to the homepage.