How to connect a network printer to your Poynt or Poynt 5

1. Turn on your network printer. After 10 seconds, print its IP address. Most network printers print their IP address after being turned on. If it does not print automatically, turn the printer off, then turn it on and immediately hold the feed button. The print containing the IP address will pop-up. 

2. On your Poynt device, swipe down on the Home screen to access the menu and select Settings

3. Under Settings, select Accessory

4. Select Add network accessory. Then select Printer from the listed accessories.

5. The available models will appear. Select your model, then click Connect.

6. Enter the IP address of the printer and select Confirm.

7. Test the printer to confirm it’s connected. From the Manage accessories list, select Accessory to open the Poynt Accessory Manager. Under the newly connected printer, choose test print