How to enable Wi-Fi on the Move5000

The Move5000 has built in Wi-Fi capabilities for use on your local network. This can be enabled by going to the following settings:

1. To turn Wi-Fi on, select Admin Menu on the Move5000 touch screen.

2. Select Setup Menu > Communications > Wi-Fi > Advanced Setup > Wi-Fi [ON]

4. To connect to the network, select Setup Menu > Communications > Wi-Fi > Advanced Setup > Networks.

5. Next, select Local Network and enter your network password. You will receive a "Connection to network Successful" message.

6. To change Coms Priority, select Setup Menu > Communications > ComsPriority.

7. The ComsPriority Screen will appear. Using the code below, enter the numbers that correspond to each communication option in the priority you wish to set. For example, if you want to default to Wi-Fi first, then 4G, then Ethernet, enter 432 on the screen.

Communication codes:

  • Wi-Fi: 4
  • 4G : 3
  • Ethernet: 2
  • Dial: 1