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  3. Loyalty Card and Member Management

How to view the details of a loyalty card

  1. In the BackOffice, go to the Cards menu and select Search. See how to search for a loyalty card for step-by-step instructions
  2. Once you’ve found the card, double-click on the row to view the card’s details

The Details tab allows you to see the following information:

    • A card’s status (e.g. active, inactive)
    • When the card was created
    • Accounts and transactions  associated with the card 
    • Member profile information
    • Available and in-progress rewards, if applicable

From the sidebar, you can:

    • Change a card’s status (e.g. to lost, inactive or suspended)
    • Transfer a card’s balance to another card
    • Perform an adjustment on the card (i.e. add or remove punches, points or rewards)