How to create a new Punch Card Rule

Punch card rules allow you to reward loyalty members with a free item based on what they buy. You can customize your own punch card rules.

  1. In the BackOffice, go to the Offers menu, and select Punch Card Rules
  2. In the side menu, click Add
  3. Enter a Name for the rule and a Description. These will appear on the member portal if you are using either one
  4. Select whether your rule will be active and set the Start Date and time. Punch card rules can be set to run during a specific date range or indefinitely if you do not select an end date

Note: Only active rules will be processed at the point of sale and only between the start and end dates. 

  1. You can also add an image for your punch card rules. This image will appear on the Offers page in your online member portal
  2. In the Buy Items to get a Reward section, enter the number of items your customer needs to buy
  3. Select the eligible items they can buy. If an item doesn’t show in the list, create a new item by clicking the Create Item button
  4. In the Reward section, enter a Name in the configured language(s). The name is will appear on the receipt and/or displayed in the member portal or POS
  5. Enter the Code of the reward. This number should represent the reward at the POS or payment terminal
  6. Enter the Cost, and click Save