How to setup and integrate an Ingenico IWL252 with iPay@Table?

This is a quick integration setup for iPay@Table

Please note this article applies to terminals with Global Payments

  1. The Screen should Display “Global Payments”
  2. Press # (=admin button)
  3. Enter 1 for ADMIN NAME → touch OK (Green Button)
  4. Enter Password: Enter Admin PW (If needed please reach out to support) →touch OK (Green Button)
  5. Select 9 - MISC. OPTIONS (or Scroll to select MISC. OPTIONS)
  6. Press number 1 to select IPAY@TABLE
  7. Press number 1 to select ENABLE IPAY@TABLE
  8. Press F1 (upper left) for ON
  9. Select 1 - ENABLE IPAY@TABLE
  10. Touch F1 (upper left) for ON
  11. Select 2 - PAYMENT EXIT TIMER
  12. Ensure it is set to 5 (if not, yellow button to correct, Enter 5) →touch OK (Green Button)
  13. Select 3 - RMS TYPE
    (Provided in support ticket)
  15. CANCEL (red) button three times - Screen should display “ IPAY@ Setup Required or TERM#0000 SWIPE/KEY SERVER screen” (if not press F1)
    TERM#0000 SWIPE/KEY SERVER or IPAY@ Setup Required
  16. Touch # (=admin button)
  17. Select 1 - COMMS SETUP
  18. Manager Password - Enter Password (contact Support for password) → touch OK (Green Button)
  19. For TGI CLIENT IP ADDRESS Enter IP address provided in ticket→when finished touch OK (Green Button)
  20. For TGI CLIENT PORT Enter Port number provided in ticket)→ touch OK (Green Button)
  21. Press OK (Green Button) for ENTER SEC TGI CLIENT IP ADDRESS
  22. Press OK (Green Button) for ENTER SEC TGI CLIENT PORT
  23. Manager Password - Enter Password (contact Support for password) → touch OK (Green Button)
  24. Select 1 - SERIAL#TYPE
  25. Chose 1 - INJECTED S/N
  26. CANCEL (red) button twice - Terminal should Display: TERM#0000 SWIPE/KEY SERVER
  27. Ready to Accept Payments

Please call Paystone Support for any assistance at 1-888-900-9192