How to Setup an Ingenico ICT250?

This is a setup guide for the ICT 250 payment terminal from Ingenico on Global Payments

Please note this article applies to terminals with Global Payments

Plugging in the Device


1. Connect an ethernet cable to the ETH port located on the Magic Box

2. If using dial connection connect phone line to the ICT250-2 symbol on the Magic Box


3. Connect the power cable to the terminal power box and the other side to a surge protector or power box

Connecting your Device

Once the terminal loads to the “Global Payments screen” the connectivity indicator on the screen should be lit green if connected to the network 


If the the indicator is red or grey instead, please follow the following steps

From the “Global Payments” Screen, Press the # Button

Enter Admin Name 1, Press Enter

Enter Admin Password (Call Support if needed), Press Enter

Select 3 - Setup Menu

Select 2 - Communications

Select 3 - Ethernet

Select 1 - Current Ethernet Setup

Confirm there is an IP address other than

If the device is showing then you will need to troubleshoot and reboot your network

Completing a Test Transaction

Performing a Key Request on your device

  • Press #, 
  • Press 1 for Admin Name, Enter
  • Enter Admin Password  (Call Support if needed), Enter
  •  Select “8. Host Management” 
  •  Select “1. Key Exchange” 
  •  Select Yes(F1) 

Congrats! The terminal should display a SUCCEEDED message on the screen 

You are ready to accept payments!

Please contact Paystone Support at 1-888-900-9192 for assistance