How to Setup a Verifone VX820?


Please note this article applies to terminals with Global Payments

Plugging in the Device


  1. Connect an ethernet cable to the ETH port located on the base of the terminal.
  2. If using dial connection connect phone line to the Verione-vx520-2 symbol on the back of the base.
  3. Connect the power cable to the terminal base(side of base) and the other side to a surge protector or power box.

Connecting your Device

Once the terminal loads to the Payments screen, follow the steps below to set up your IP connection. 

From the Global Payments Screen, 

Press the asterisk(asterisk)  Button

Press the number 3, The CommServer screen appears

Press the Verifone-vx820-3(Settings) icon, i.e. the first icon from the right

Select IP. The IP Config menu appears

On the IP Config menu, at the “IP Settings” prompt, select Edit.


(Note: Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to determine the addresses for these parameters if choosing static)

Select Exit, then select Yes to save changes.
CommServer repairs the connection, and when successful, prompts you to press any key, press OK

Press the green OK key to return to the Ethernet Cfg menu, then press the asterisk(asterisk) key to return to the applications menu, select “Softpay” on the screen

Completing a Test Transaction

Performing a Key Request on your device

  • Press the menu button Verifone-vx820-4, (Arrow)
  • Find “Test” in the Menu options
  • Select Test
  • Select Handshake
  • The Terminal should display an “Approved” Message on the screen.
  • Press the Cancel button back to the main payments screen

    Congratulations! You are ready to accept payments!

    Please call Paystone Support for any assistance at 1-888-900-9192