How to set up automated promotions

Automated promotions are triggered by specific transactions or events, for instance when members celebrate a birthday. Each offer automatically sends members a personalized email and text message with details of the offer.

  1. In the BackOffice, go to the Offers menu, and select Lights Out
  2. Click the Add an Offer button, select a Category, and then an Offer. To learn more about different offer types, see An overview of automation promotion types 
  3. Select whether you would like to send members a reward or message only and click Next
  4. An offer template will appear. Make any desired edits to the sending rules and message body

Note: you can decide in which language members should receive Lights Out emails if they don’t have a language preference set in their profile

  1. Before saving the copy, you can send yourself a preview by clicking Send a Test Email
  2. To turn the offer on, ensure the ON/OFF toggle in the right corner is set to ON, otherwise, your offer will not begin it’s automated sending until you have turned it on
  3.  Once you are happy with the offer, click Save
  4. You will now see your new offer listed in the Lights Out menu. Active offers are highlighted in green and inactive offers are labelled as Not Active and appear green

Note: For a reward punch card program, you can determine which merchant-location will pay for the offer.