How to set up Siris

This article covers how to set up Siris.

Before you begin:

  • Siris must be run on a computer that is on the same network as your terminal.
  • The terminal must be configured for use with Siris. For information on configuring an Ingenico terminal, refer to How to enable integrated mode.

To set up your Siris terminal, complete the following:

1. Log into Siris as an administrator.

2. Select Settings from the main menu tab.

3. Select point of sale.

4. Under ip address, enter the terminal’s IP address.

Note: For information on how to set a static IP address on your Ingenico terminal, refer to How to set a static IP address.

5. Under TCP port, enter 6556.

6. Select test card machine > ok. If you see Failed. No device found, try any of the following:

    • Verify the terminal’s IP address.
    • Verify the terminal’s TCP port is set to 6556.
    • Verify that the computer running Siris and the terminal are on the same network.
    • Perform a key load test. For more information on how to perform a key load test, refer to How to complete an EMV public key load.

To use an integrated terminal, select TO CARD TERMINAL from the checkout screen. Siris will send the transaction to the integrated terminal. Once the terminal completes the transaction, Siris will capture the information and update the screen. Select COMPLETE CHECK OUT to complete the transaction.