How to set a static IP address

This article applies to the Ingenico iCT 220, iCT 250, iWL 220, and iWL 250 terminals.

To set a static IP address, complete the following:

1. Press the # key.

2. Select Setup Menu > Communications > Ethernet > Ethernet Setup > Static IP.

3. Select TerminalIP.

4. Enter the appropriate information.

5. Press the green key.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 with GatewayIP, IPSubMask, PriDNSIP, and SecDNSIP instead of TerminalIP at step 3.

7. Press the red key twice.

The terminal will restart. Once it finishes, your static IP address will be set.

Note: If you make any changes to your Ingenico terminal, email Zomaron will update your files so that any updates pushed to the terminal in the future retain this change.