How to pair the iWL 250 terminal to the base

This article applies to the Ingenico iWL 250 terminal.

Note: You only need to pair your iWL 250 to the base if you want to connect over Ethernet as a backup to the 3G connection. You do not need to pair the terminal to the base to charge the terminal. You can only use Ethernet if the terminal rests in the base the entire time.

To pair the iWL 250 terminal to the base, complete the following:

1. Connect an Ethernet cable into the terminal or base.

2. Connect the same Ethernet cable into a modem, router, or switch.

3. Press the Function key.

4. Enter your password.

5. Select Telium Manager > Initialization > Hardware > Cradle Setup > Association > New Base.

6. Press the red key until you are back at the home screen.