How to enable integrated mode

This article applies to the Ingenico iCT 220 and iCT 250 terminals.

talech and Siris are able to integrate with the iCT 220 and iCT 250 Ingenico terminals. These terminals are referred to as semi-integrated because you can toggle between the integrated and standalone modes.

Integrated terminals can be ordered. If you already have one of these terminals you can reprogram them. To reprogram a terminal, a semi-integrated file needs to be built. The new file can be downloaded with the TMS identifier. If you need a new file built, contact Zomaron support.

To enable integrated mode, complete the following:

1. Press the # key.

2. Select Misc. Options > Semi-Integrated > Enable Semi Integ.

Note: If you see a FEATURE DISABLED message, contact Zomaron support.

3. Select ON > Communications Type > Ethernet.

Note: The IP address shown may be required for the POS system.

4. Enter 6556.

Note: 6556 is used by both talech and Siris for the port number. Other POS systems may use a different port number.

5. Press the green key.

6. Press the red key until you are back at the home screen.

You can now switch between standalone and integrated modes by pressing F1.

talech and Siris must also be setup for integration. For more information on talech, refer to How to set up talech. For more information on Siris, refer to How to set up Siris.

Note: If you make any changes to your Ingenico terminal, email Zomaron will update your files so that any updates pushed to the terminal in the future retain this change.