How to become PCI compliant with Sysnet

This article covers how to become PCI compliant with Sysnet.

Note: If you have a PCI compliance certificate from another vendor, you do not need to complete the self-assessment. For more information on how to upload your current certificate, refer to How to upload your current PCI compliance certificate to Sysnet.

Sysnet offers Elavon customers the ability to become PCI compliant online by completing an assessment. To begin the assessment, complete the following:

1. Navigate to the Sysnet PCI Compliance Manager portal.

2. Click First sign-in.

3. Enter the appropriate information.

4. Click Next > Start business profile.

Note: Sysnet will list you as non-compliant until you successfully complete the assessment. This is normal.

5. Sysnet will ask you questions to determine your self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) profile. Answer these questions appropriately. This will determine which questions you need to answer to become PCI compliant.

Note: For more information on SAQ profiles, refer to Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) profile information.

6. Click Begin Step and complete the SAQ. Click Next to continue to the next page when necessary. Click on the green question marks for assistance as necessary.

Note: To become PCI compliant, you must be able to answer yes to each question in the SAQ.

7. Some profile types will need to scan of their website. If the system prompts you to complete a scan, complete the following:

7a. Click Go to scan management > Schedule a scan.

7b. Enter the appropriate information.

7c. Read the Website disclaimer notice and make sure your website will give access to Sysnet to perform the scan.

Note: It is normal for a scan to take up to four hours to complete.

7d. Click Schedule Scan.

8. Click Confirm your Attestation.