How to set up your Clover Flex

With Clover Flex you can use your cards any way you want to. You can insert, swipe, or tap, and then sign, or enter a PIN. The Flex supports contactless payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Set up your Flex by connecting the hardware and charging the device. Then, on the device, follow the onscreen prompts to activate it and connect it to the internet.

Your new Flex

Takes payments 3 ways:

  1. Tap contactless cards on the NFC tag, or hold NFC-enabled phones near to the NFC tag.
  2. Slide magnetic stripe cards through the reader.
  3. Insert chip cards into the slot.

What's in the box

  • Your new Flex device, in its protective silicone sleeve.
  • Flex starter kit with:
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Charging cradle
    • Optional Pin Entry Aid
    • Power brick
    • Power cord
    • Screwdriver
    • Receipt paper roll

Flex                                    Silicone Sleeve          Pin Entry Aid                       Power Brick

Power Cord                             Screwdriver                  Receipt Paper Roll

The newest Flex devices have a fingerprint sensor on the power button for instant login. (Newest devices also have black trim. Previous versions have gray trim.)

What's on the Flex

When you use your Flex:

  • Switch on your Flex with the power button. Newer Flex devices have a fingerprint sensor for instant log-in right on the power button.
  • Take payments and see your transactions on the display screen.
  • Take payments by:
    • Inserting chip cards into the chip card slot.
    • Sliding cards without chips across the magnetic card reader groove.
    • Tapping NFC cards or NFC-enabled phones on the contactless card reader.

You can also:

  • Plug a security cable into the Kensington Security slot to secure your Flex to a stable object.
  • Find the 3.5mm audio jack here.
  • Use the barcode scanner to scan merchandise that has UPC barcode images. (The barcode trigger is on the left side.)
  • Hear the speaker indicate transaction processing.

Load the thermal paper by opening the receipt paper door.

If you ever need to change the SIM card, you can find it in the paper compartment. Use the green hex screwdriver to access the SIM card. (You can also find your device serial number in the paper compartment. The serial number identifies this device version.)

You can use the USB Type-C connector port with Clover’s travel kit power charger (available separately).

Charging Cradle

And finally, you’ll charge your device in the charging cradle.

Connect to power and charge your Flex

Your Flex arrives with enough battery power to set it up and activate it. You can fully charge it whenever you have the time.

  1. Holding the charging cradle upside down, firmly insert the power cord into the charging input.
  2. Thread the cord across and out the back.
  3. Insert the power cord into the charging brick.
  4. Plug in the other end of the power cord to a power outlet.
  5. Set the Flex on top of the charging cradle.
  6. Allow the device to charge until the indicator shows a full battery.

After you connect to power and optionally charge your Flex, you can connect to the Internet and activate your Flex.

Connect to the internet and activate your Flex

Before you start this part of the set-up process:

  • Find your activation code in the activation email you received from Clover.
  • If you plan to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, check to make sure your router is set up, connected to the internet, and has a security level of WPA or WPA2. Your network needs to be a closed, protected, secure network to process payment transactions. (If you offer Wi-Fi access to your customers, follow best practices and give them a different network to use.)
  1. Remove the protective plastic film from the front display glass.
  2. Switch on the device by pressing the power button on the right side until the Clover logo appears.
  3. On the display, tap to choose your language and then tap Next.
  4. On the Network screen, tell the device what kind of internet network connection you want to use:
    • Mobile networks use the installed SIM card and your cellular phone connection.
    • Wi-Fi networks connect wirelessly to a router you have previously set up.
  5. Wait until you see the message that the device is successfully connected and then tap Next.
  6. On the Activate screen, enter the code you received in your activation email from Clover.
  7. On the Install apps screen, wait while Clover installs the latest apps for your account.

You can insert the receipt paper while the Clover apps are downloading.

Insert a receipt paper roll into your Flex

  1. Hold the device so the back of it faces you.
  2. Open the paper compartment by grasping the top of the compartment door and pulling it toward you.
  3. Insert the roll of thermal paper so that the end extends straight out the slot in the top of the compartment door.
  4. Close the compartment door until it clicks.
  5. On the display screen, tap to print a test receipt.

Set up fingerprint access, passcode access, and signature locations

You can complete these tasks now during the set-up process, or later with the Employees app.

  • Fingerprint access (if available on your device) sets your Flex to log you in by recognizing a fingerprint when tapped on the Power button.
  • Passcode access requires an input code on the device screen to log in.
  1. After Flex device activation, on the device Power button, gently tap the finger (or thumb) you want to use for login access on the fingerprint sensor.
  2. Keep tapping until the image on the display shows all parts of the fingerprint. The display gives you progress messages.
  3. When the display tells you your fingerprint has been added, tap Continue.
  4. Decide whether you want to require a passcode to access the device and choose an option. (Use the Employees app to assign passcodes.)
  5. Decide where you want to accept customer signatures at payment time, either on the device or on a printed receipt.
  6. Tap Continue.

Start operating your Flex

  • Turn on the device by pressing and holding the power button until you see the Clover logo.
  • Turn off the device by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Set the device in sleep mode or wake it up by pressing and immediately releasing the power button.