How to complete a Download on an Ingenico IWL255 3G ?

This article will guide you how to download your merchant profile parameters to your terminal. This is usually required when are self-activating a new terminal or you added a new feature to your terminal (e.g. Apple Pay) and you want to enable it.

Please note this article applies to terminals with Global Payments

  1. Once SIM is inserted, and Terminal is powered on
  2. Terminal will Display “Global Payments” Press #
  3. Enter Admin Name, Press 1, Enter.
  4. Enter Password (Admin PW, If needed please call support)
  5. Select “4. Maintenance”
  6. Select “1. Download”
  7. Select “1. Setup Download”
  8. Select “2. Wireless”
  9. Press Enter for SSL On.
  10. Enter Host URL/IP as INGTMS.GLOBALPAYCAN.COM, Press Enter
  11. Enter Host Port as 443, Press Enter
  12. Enter Wireless APN as ISP.TELUS.COM (Telus SIM) or GLOBAL.APN(Rogers SIM), Press Enter
  13. Press Enter 2 times
  14. Enter TMS Identifier. (Terminal ID), Press Enter
  15. Enter Software NR = 0, Press Enter
  16. Select “2. Start Download”
  17. Select “2. Parameter Only”
  18. Terminal will display Connection, then should display running files Once complete you should get a successful message and the terminal will reboot

Updating the Paystone Password

  1. From the “Global Payments” Screen, Press #
  2. Enter Admin Name, Press 1, Enter.
  3. Enter Password (Admin PW, If needed please call support), Press Enter
  4. Select “6 - Security”
  5. Select “1- PWManager”
  6. Enter New PW, Press Enter
  7. Cancel(Red Button) Back to the Main Screen “Global Payments”

Please call Paystone Support for any assistance at 1-888-900-9192