How to manage gift card reporting

Drill down into the details of your gift card program through your BackOffice Reports. Depending on the report, you can select different criteria to see different views of your data.

  1. Log into the BackOffice, and go to your Reports
  2. Click on the report you wish to view or edit

Depending on the report, you can modify:

    • The title of the report.
    • The criteria such as grouping by date, merchant and account type.
    • Modify the dates or grouping period.
    • Select the merchants or account types

You can hide or show the report’s criteria:

Gift Card Activity by Merchant Report

    • Provides detail by merchant or group of merchants by period, of all activity on the gift cards
    • It includes gift card activation, reload and redemption transactions for each merchant, including addition, subtraction and cancellation adjustments made in the BackOffice
      • i.e. amount, % and count activated by period, by merchant, etc
      • amount, % and count redeemed by period, by merchant